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Why So Many People Choose Wet Granulation Equipment In Their Organic Fertilizer Production Business?

September 9, 2020

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If you have an organic fertilizer production business, you may choose to use wet granulating machine above all others. There is something that you may want to consider doing with your own business. It is because of how efficient these machines work by comparison to those that are primarily dry. As most people know, moisture plays a large role in the production of organisms that can help break down composting material. If you are interested in producing more fertilizer in an efficient way, here are the reasons why you may want to use wet granulation equipment.

What Is Wet Granulation Equipment?

This is equipment that is used for the purpose of ensuring that particle adhesion happens when granules are fully drive. It is not so much water, but a granulating fluid, that acts as a binding agent that can increase the particulate material’s size. This is just one of the many ways that this type of product can be produced. Each machine will be designed for the production of primary powder materials and those that represent the finished product.

What Is A Wet Granulator Used For?

Granulator machines are essentially rotary grinders. They can take many different parts, process them, and produce granules that are designed for feedstock. This is a reprocessing system, one that can reduce overall waste and can reduce the cost of production. On the other hand, wet granulation utilizes a liquid solution, called a granulating fluid, which is nonvolatile and can be easily removed once the process is completed. Essentially, it creates the pellets which can be used as feed for livestock. In the fertilizer industry, this is used for the production of granulated materials that can easily decompose and properly fertilize crops on large and small properties.

Why So Many People Choose To Use Wet Granulation Equipment?

When this is used to produce organic fertilizer, the wet granulation equipment is often preferred because of the size of materials that can be made. The larger the pellets, the easier they will be to distribute, and they will contain plenty of fertilizer that can help regarding grow. The amount of fertilizer that is produced will depend upon the machine, its size, and its capacity. All of these should be fully automated if possible. This will ensure that the maximum amount fertilizer can be made in the shortest amount of time.

Now that you know why many people will choose wet granulation equipment over those that do not use liquid binders, you may want to consider switching out the ones that you use today. The production of organic fertilizer is a large industry, primarily because of the demand for food in the form of vegetables and livestock. If this is something that you can produce for your business, you can use this on your own crops or simply sell it to other businesses that will happily purchase it from you. Of course, this could be a sizable investment, but there are always ways to find businesses that offer wet granulation equipment for less. You can easily find these companies by searching on the web for businesses offering these machines for less.

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