About Composting Suburbia

Nowadays, there are different wastes with the increasing population in the suburb. And many of them can be recycled by the composting method. All I want to do here is to help friends in suburbs, recycle those valuable wastes. By the composting way, you can apply them into the farms, or plants directly, which will perfect meet the sustainable development trend all around the word.

Welcome info from CBS! This is Michael B. McGriff, an engineer who has been dedicated himself to improving environments in Suburbia. I open this blog sites to share some useful knowledge related to my working experience. There are many good ideas in composting, which already worked in some villages. However, if some of them do not work, welcome friends share your own opinions with me. We can get together to make our suburb more beautiful gradually.

So friends, if you want to make the sustainable development real, let us get together, doing the valuable things right now.