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How To Select The Very Best Equipment For NPK Compound Fertilizer Granulation?

November 25, 2021

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Are you interested in finding the best NPK compound fertilizer granulation equipment? This type of fertilizer is very useful with virtually any crop that you are growing. The ability to produce your own is the key to saving money through your production of this fertilizer in pellet form. By adding phosphorus, nitrogen, and potassium together, you will have the ability to increase production levels for your crops. If you are just producing this for yourself, you can also achieve better results for your company. By offering the pellets to other businesses you can simply use the manure that is available on your property to make fertilizer pellets that people will want to purchase.

NPK rotary drum granulator machine

What Is The Best Combination?

When creating NPK fertilizer, there is a certain combination that works best. In particular, you should use a 312 ratio. You will have to make some adjustments depending upon whether this is a dry or wet mix. You also must consider what crops this will be used on. For example, you may have plenty of potassium in your soil, but not enough nitrogen, which will allow you to choose the proper combination. What you will want to do next is look at the different styles for these three component compound fertilizer granulation machine and obtain the one that works best for your business.

Disc NPK fertilizer granulator machine

How To Assess The Machines That You Find

The machines that are able to produce NPK fertilizer can be large in size. The big of the drum, the more material you will be able to make, whereas you may want to have something that is much smaller. The size of the drum and the types of material you are using to produce the compound fertilizer can affect the decision that you make. It is important to use one of these systems at your facility to have full control over fertilizer production for your business.

How To Select The Best Equipment For NPK Compound Fertilizer Granulators?

You have many different combinations of technology when using these machines. The capacity, models, appearance, and stable operation of all of them are going to vary depending upon the manufacturer. NPK fertilizer granulator equipment often uses galvanized steel. This will prevent it from becoming less efficient later on or decomposing as a result of rust. Whether you are using the wet or dry pelletizing process, you will end up with the best results by selecting the right equipment.

NPK double roller extrusion dry granulator

It does not matter what type of materials you are using with these machines. Although some types of manure may have higher levels of nitrogen, phosphorus, or potassium, you can begin to test and see which ones are the most effective. NPK compound fertilizer granulators should be assessed carefully before you make your purchase. Be sure to consider the type of manure you are using, the ratio of the NPK, and decide whether or not you will need a manure, avian, or fertilizer granulator. Eventually, you will obtain one of the best units on the market that will help you with creating NPK compound fertilizer.

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Compared To Wet Granulator, What Are Benefits Of The Dry Granulation Machines?

If you are not sure what type of granulator would be best suited for your business, you may be looking at both wet and dry models. Those that use wet materials are able to handle the moisture, whereas the dry ones, which are very common, need to use dry powder. The production capabilities of each one, and the types of materials that you can use, can all vary significantly depending upon what type of pellets you are manufacturing. If you are creating the fertilizer pellets, you will likely need to consider whether or not a wet or dry granulator is best suited for the compost that you are using.

New type organic fertilizer pelletizer for wet granulation


Wet Granulators Versus Dry Granulators

The dry granulation process often uses a machine with mechanical compression components. Often referred to as slugs, these are used to facilitate the agglomeration of the material into pellet form. You may also be looking at dry granulation machines that use compaction. These typically use some form of roller in the production sequence. On the other hand, wet granulation is going to use some type of solvent or a binding agent in order to facilitate the agglomeration, typically a materials such as lignin. In both cases, the solidity of the pellets will be dependent upon the machine and materials used.

Double roller press dry granulation machine

Are There Advantages To Either One?

There are some advantages to using wet granulation machines. First of all, the granules that you will be using will often be more spherical, whereas dry machines will use a distinct powder. Wet machines will have a much better flow process as you are compressing everything into pellets. Wet machines also allow you to avoid extremely high pressures, which may help you can serve on the power you are using when activating these machines. Essentially, the main difference is that dry granulation does not involve the use of any liquids, whereas wet granulation does for it to work.

drum type wet granulator machine


Which One Should You Use For Your Business?

The one that you choose may be dependent upon how much money you have at your disposal. It also depends on the manufacturer and how much they are willing to charge. Additionally, the production value of the machines can factor into your final choice. It just depends on what you are trying to accomplish. For example, when you are using a dry granulator, it will involve the use of rollers that will compress the pellets together, forming a continuous sheet of pellets that can lead to millions of these been formed. When using a wet granulation machine, you must use some form of nonvolatile and non-toxic liquid binding agent which may involve the use of isopropanol, ethanol, or even mortar. If you are combining compost together, or if this is some type of lumber products to create pellets for a woodstove, the process is very similar. You simply have to contact each of the businesses that produces both wet and dry granulator determine what would work best with your materials.

flat die peleting machine for dry granulation

Now that you have a better idea of how they work, and what the differences are, you can then make your choice. Whether you choose to use a wet granulator, or one that only uses dry materials, you must consider the process, components used, and the type of pellets you are producing. Eventually, you will locate a business that will have both types of machines and they can provide you with specifications for all of them. You will soon have one of these producing pellets for your business on an ongoing basis.

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Granulators For Small Scale Fertilizer Producing Factories

January 29, 2021

Granulating Machine For Fertilizer, Organic Fertilizer Production Line

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Making the most of the crops is what people that depend on them are doing all of the time. This means that they need the proper fertilizer in order to ensure that they get the best results from all of their efforts. They will want to make sure that they are going things correctly when they want to fertilize their own crops and if they want, they can also open up a factory for producing fertilizer for other people. This is a way to generate money that they can really use at any given time.

Making Sure That They Understand What They Are Doing

They will want to look at what other people have done when it comes to fertilizing their crops. Sometimes, the experience can be the best teacher. When they go online, they will be able to see how other people have handled their small factories for making fertilizer. If they take the information that they read to heart, they can really make headway in something that will prove to benefit them in many ways.

Small Size Pan Organic Fertilizer Granulating Machine

Small Size Pan Organic Fertilizer Granulating Machine

Granulators For Small Scale Fertilizer Producing Factories

Getting a granulator for small scale fertilizer producing factories is what they will need. Comparison shopping online will allow them to find the right one and at the right price. They should take their time when they are looking at the various models that they can choose from before they make their decision on which one to purchase. Getting the best machine can make all the difference in the world when it comes to running a small scale fertilizer producing factory. They will really be able to produce the results that will prove to be beneficial to them.

Rotary Drum Granulating Machine

Rotary Drum Granulating Machine

Using The Customer Service Center With The Company That They Purchased Their Granulator From

If they have any questions at all about their machine that they have purchased, they should contact the manufacturer’s customer service department. These people are professionals in their field and they will have the information that will benefit the person. Likewise, they will be able to solve all of the problems, issues, or concerns that a person has about the equipment they have purchased from them. They will do this in a prompt and efficient manner because they always want their customers to be satisfied with everything that they deal with at the company. It is always a good idea to stay in touch with them so that they can get the advice that they need in order to run a great small scale fertilizer producing factory.

When people make the most of their small scale fertilizer producing factory, they will have another source of income that can make a huge difference for them. They will be able to make the extra money that they want to in order to live the life that they dream of. Since there is no end to how much they can make, they will be able to set great goals for themselves and work hard to achieve them.

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