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How to generate your own organic fertiliser from poultry waste and farm waste

May 17, 2023

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Generating your own organic fertilizer from poultry waste and farm waste is not only an eco-friendly solution but also a cost-effective way to enrich your soil and enhance the overall health of your plants. By harnessing the nutrient-rich properties of these waste materials, you can create a sustainable and self-sufficient system that promotes a healthier environment. In this article, Shunxin will explore the steps involved in generating your own organic fertilizer from poultry waste and farm waste.

pan granulator for poultry manure fertilizer making

pan granulator for poultry manure fertilizer making

The first step in the process is to gather the necessary materials. You will need poultry waste, such as chicken manure, along with farm waste, such as crop residues, grass clippings, and leftover plant material. It is important to ensure that the poultry waste is collected from healthy birds and that no antibiotics or chemicals have been administered to them. Similarly, the farm waste should be free from pesticides and herbicides.

Once you have collected the waste materials, the next step is to compost them. Composting is a natural decomposition process that converts organic matter into nutrient-rich humus. Start by creating a compost pile in a suitable location. Make sure the area receives adequate sunlight and is well-drained. Layer the poultry waste and farm waste, alternating between dry and wet materials. Dry materials can include straw, sawdust, or dried leaves, while wet materials encompass green plant trimmings and poultry manure.

Small scale compound fertilizer mkaing line

Small scale compound fertilizer mkaing line

To accelerate the decomposition process, it is advisable to turn the compost pile regularly. This helps to introduce oxygen, which is essential for the growth of beneficial bacteria and other microorganisms that break down the organic matter. Additionally, ensure that the compost pile remains moist but not overly wet. If the compost becomes too dry, sprinkle water to maintain the proper moisture level.

Over time, the compost pile will heat up as a result of microbial activity. This is an indication that the decomposition process is underway. Regularly check the temperature of the compost pile with a thermometer, aiming for a range between 130°F and 150°F (54°C and 65°C). If the temperature exceeds this range, turn the pile more frequently to cool it down. On the other hand, if the temperature remains too low, consider adding nitrogen-rich materials, such as grass clippings or poultry manure, to boost the decomposition process.

The composting process typically takes several weeks to several months, depending on various factors such as temperature, moisture, and the size of the compost pile. During this time, monitor the compost for any foul odors. A well-maintained compost pile should have an earthy smell, while unpleasant odors may indicate an imbalance in the composting process. Adjust the carbon-to-nitrogen ratio by adding more dry or wet materials accordingly.

New type granulating machine for organic fertilizer

Organic fertilizer granulating machine for sale

Once the compost has fully decomposed, it will resemble dark, crumbly soil and emit a pleasant earthy aroma. At this stage, it is ready to be used as organic fertilizer. Spread the compost over your garden beds or mix it with potting soil for potted plants. The nutrient-rich organic matter will improve soil structure, retain moisture, and provide essential nutrients to your plants, promoting their growth and productivity.

By generating your own organic fertilizer from poultry waste and farm waste, you not only reduce the amount of waste that goes to landfills but also create a sustainable source of nutrients for your plants. This practice promotes a circular economy where waste is transformed into valuable resources. Start composting today and reap the benefits of healthier plants, reduced environmental impact, and increased self-sufficiency in your gardening endeavors.

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Poultry Waste Disposal System

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The real life adventures of Sam Village in the Polar Region are recorded in the streets

June 20, 2011

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By CSB, 20 June 2011
His people sent a polar bear to save their way of life to find itself driving an ice-cream truck around the suburbs, with the aim of reversing global warming, one ice-cream at a time.

Polar Sam Episode #4

The village in the box hit the street.

EPISODE #4 (Previously…… Sun Sam was pushing out a village in a box; he pulled all his ideas aside to concentrate on the task at hand and cheerfully announced them to his small but completely fascinated audience. “This is performance time!”
The equally lively village scene is located in the box container outside the village, full of the entire side of the Polar Sam truck.

“Well,” Sam said, “how do you live? Suburban residents can become………………………………………………………………………………………… “The boys cheered. Doc and Kid Suburbia clapped and grinned, plunged into the passion of Polar Sam.

Blow to the size of the large screen, the details become clearer. “Look! There are sailboats in the lake. ”
Sam’s “remote control” chip.
“There’s another kayak”, “and two swans”, “three ducks!” “Those people are fishing?!” All the water captured the imagination of the boys. The Santa Fe River barely runs, and spring has only one month at most. Or in August’s “monsoon season” rains.
“Where can we get all this water?” Doc Plaza asked suspiciously. “Of course, it’s noticeable, but as Santa Fe gets bigger and bigger, all the water has flowed into the new home, and the river is rather dry.”
“Those’Life machines’are excellent. Imagine that there are several greenhouses in every block. Biological products can decompose anything, even PCBs! “Sam has started now. “So we go into sewer lines, solar pumps into greenhouses, and in a series of high-end translucent glass fibre tanks, water is purified by biomass. Add ultraviolet disinfector and Wallah! Freshwater, higher quality than the original tap water! So the neighbors got fresh fruits and vegetables and fish in the sink, the river was filled all year round, the aquifer was replenished, and the water eventually fed back to Rio Grand without any pollutants, such as medicines! ”
The boys cheered again. The suburban children stared at Polar Sam incredibly. In his ice cream delivery, Uncle Sam’s vest and tail, and his red and white peeled hat, “He looks a little like a clown,” the child said to himself. But seeing the elegance and beauty of his vision in front of him… “This guy is a genius,” he said to himself.
Speaking loudly, Kid Suburbia lashed out, “Can you take it off the Peace Pop stick?”
Sam just laughed at him. “Oh, there’s more!”
Sam continued, “You know how you say it’s so boring, and there’s a group of old ladies living in a 2,400-square-foot house near your home? When the children grow up, their husbands die, or they divorce, but she lives alone, and she wants to stay near her home? Well, imagine these small squares surrounded by Casitas. Your ladies and friends can scale down and stay with their neighbors. She can remain independent and take long walks with friends and shopping. If she needs it, she can get help from the children in the local elementary school. ”
Doc Plaza interposed: “It sounds like a new version of the past, like a big family. I can stand this. ”
The children’s suburban residents laughed. “Yes, then all your girlfriends will be in one place.”
“Hey, don’t knock on it,” Doc retorted. “If I don’t shoot you first, you can live longer than your wife. It’s a great thing to make things easier for people in the middle of the day.”
Kid Suburbia is quiet. “My best friend Harold has been complaining about moving to a smaller place. He wanted to stay in the hood, but he was tired of keeping such a big house. I miss him already. It would be great if our community had one of these high-level Placitas! ”
“Hey brother!” Sam almost shouted. He raised the child’s paw to five. “Welcome to the amazing power of Box in Village!” Four people exchanged senior five. They didn’t know exactly why, but Bells’enthusiasm made them sell it.

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Chess and card why most people love to play

9Chess and card health preservation method refers to a health preservation method that can relieve depression, transfer ideas, stimulate spirit, develop intelligence, enhance friendship, contact feelings and dispel loneliness through various kinds of chess and card entertainment activities. There are many kinds of chess and cards, such as chess, go, checkers, military chess, bridge, mahjong, poker and so on. Chess and card is a kind of game as well as a kind of competition. Most of them are easy to learn and appreciate both elegance and vulgarity. They are both interesting and skillful. They have obvious functions of mental health and fitness.

Health-preserving effect of chess and cards

Chess and cards are scientific, intellectual, competitive and interesting activities, which mainly focus on mental exercise. They can improve people’s memory and brain thinking ability, cultivate people’s good moral cultivation, close cooperation and team spirit adapted to the environment.

Exercise thinking and enlighten wisdom

Playing chess and cards can cultivate people’s ability to think independently, train their thinking and enlighten their wisdom. The two opposing sides dispatched troops and generals on an equal footing to compete in the battlefield. The final victory is less accidental. In this process, participants enhance logic and Dialectics by giving full play to their subjective initiative. Every step in the game is a process of judgment, reasoning, calculation and decision-making. For example, Weiqi, based on military dialectics, needs to be skillfully combined with computational ability, memorization ability, analytical ability, strategic and tactical skills, which can inspire people’s wisdom and help them to develop their intelligence, brain and mind.

Enhancing friendship and cultivating sentiment

Friends can enhance friendship and cultivate sentiment by playing chess or cards. The smooth flow of mood will delay people’s aging, which is also a major health-preserving effect of chess and cards. Taking chess as an example, besides intelligence and skill, it is also better than physical strength and endurance. It is a good way to cultivate one’s character. The popular proverb in chess circle is: game cultivation, prolong life. Ancient people also said that “the good gambler will live a long life”. There are many long-lived chess players in ancient and modern times. One hundred-year-old chess king Xie Xiaxun is a famous longevity star in the chess world; Gaolanquan in the late Ming Dynasty was over 90 years old; modern chess master Lin Yixian also lived to 93 years old.

Improving interpersonal skills

In playing chess and cards, there are many times that we need to have a strategic vision and the ability of overall coordination. These coordination abilities trained in confrontation are also very useful after leaving the chess game. It can lead to the coordination of interpersonal relationships and better adapt to the social environment.

Improve Personality and Assist Rehabilitation

Playing chess and cards can not only get spiritual pleasure, but also cultivate one’s self-cultivation, which is usually called chess and cards. They are also the epitome of human character, making people jump out of the circle of pure competition, emotional regulation, mental health, win or lose, and enter the ranks of elegant entertainment and morality. In some recreation halls set up by health care institutions, there are various kinds of chess specially for the recreation and fitness of the convalescents, so that chess can step out of the general recreational ranks and serve the health care, rehabilitation and improvement of personality.


Chess and card activities can exercise people’s thinking, improve intelligence and delay aging.
Enrich people’s spiritual life. Chess activities can not only delight the mind, but also cultivate the body. Concentration and devotion in playing chess and cards can play the role of breathing and vomiting in Qigong exercises, and help to improve memory. The benefits to people are not small. Especially for the elderly, because of their physiological reasons, the functions of viscera and organs are declining day by day, the essence of brain marrow and kidney is deficient, and the thinking, memory and intellectual response are not as good as before. If we can play chess and cards regularly and promote the continuous use of brain thinking intelligence, it will be very helpful to delay aging and prevent the degeneration of brain function.

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