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How To Find The Best Type of Compost Making Machine For Your Company

August 30, 2019


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Compost is nothing else than recycled organic matter that’s very rich in nutrients, and therefore a very good soil conditioner. While it costs almost nothing to make compost, you’ll need raw matter and a special machine. There are many things you can use as raw matter, the most common being sawdust pellets, fruit and vegetable scraps, coffee grounds, chicken manure, dead leaves, grass clippings, as well as any other kind of kitchen and garden waste.

Choosing the right compost making machine depends on several factors such as the raw materials you’re going to use, the type of area you live in, and your willingness to turn the compost manually. In case you want to make compost to sell it to third parties, you’ll need a different type of equipment than the average homeowner wanting to compost their waste.

First of all, you have to determine the volume of matter you want to process per day. Compost machines for commercial and industrial purposes can process from 25 kg per day to 2 tonnes per day. As this is quite a wide range, you have to narrow it down by determining your actual needs. Always allow some room for growth, should your business develop faster than expected. It wouldn’t be too nice to outgrow your equipment within the first year of activity.

The productivity rate is another thing to keep in mind when shopping around for the best machine to make compost. If you need all the speed you can get, you’d better try to purchase a fully automatic machine. In case productivity doesn’t matter as much, you may want to choose a semi-automatic machine instead.

Whatever your choice, make sure that you pick a machine featuring a powerful inbuilt shredder with solid blades, in order to process even the most difficult matter. Always check that the power of the motor matches the capacity of the shredder. In fact, you’ll only need a shredder if you intend to process hard material food waste such as bones. If not, you can save a lot of money by choosing a machine without shredder.

A good machine should also have a mixing chamber, power heaters, a gas exhaler and a liquid fertilizer squeezer. The parts of the machine that come into contact with organic matter have to be made from stainless steel. This will prevent them from rust and will extend the useful life of your machine.

Since composting in not a mechanical process, you should ask all manufacturers of such equipment for their compost quality certificate. This is the only method to make sure you’re going to produce high-quality compost.

As such machines aren’t cheap, you shouldn’t buy yours from the first supplier you encounter. Always seek for at least three quotes from different manufacturers. In addition, check out the work experience and the client references of all companies on your shortlist. Even though such machines should come with a good warranty, it’s usually better to make the purchase from a reputable manufacturer with an effective customer service department.

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